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API Data for Carrot, Visualized

VeryRelated Mind Maps Keyword API


The VeryRelated Mind Maps Keyword API offers a programmatic way to access "mind map" data in the system. VeryRelated contains a large database of words and their semantic relationships. The core concept of VeryRelated is the bi-directional semantic relatedness calculation.

Given a word or search term, we return a list of related words and their relative popularity. This API can be useful for applications such as keyword discovery, search engine optimization, content enhancement, guided search, and word relationship visualization.

Our growing database contains over 700,000 words and millions of relationships between words. It is powered by the Yahoo Web Search API. The image above shows the API data for the word Carrot being visualized.

Read more information about REST Web Services.

Request URL

URL Construction

API requests to VeryRelated use GET. The Request URL above is followed by the actual query parameters which take the form argument=value. The arguments and values are url encoded. Parameters are separated by the ampersand (&). The following example looks up the related words to the word carrot.

Request parameters

Parameter Value Description
key string (required) The API key to access the service. Contact us at for an API key.

For small volume tests you can use the API key sampleapikey (note: this trial key may be discontinued at any time).

base string (required) The search term to look up. Example: carrot
results integer: default 10, max 50 The number of results to return.

Response fields

The schema document for this service response is located at

Field Description
base The actual search term that was used (may be different from the Request parameter base). It's the result of taking the Request parameter base and applying capitalization and invalid character filtering.
basePopularity The approximate number of pages on the Internet (in the search index) that contain the base term.
Text The matching word's text.
HowRelated A normalized value indicating the bidirectional relatedness of the matching word to the search term. A greater number means the words are more related. A negative number means the words are not related.
Popularity The approximate number of pages on the Internet (in the search index) that contain the matching Text.

Terms of Use

If you make use of this API, please link to this site from somewhere noticeable on your site. You can use the HTML text below if you want.

This API is free for non-commercial use. It is not for commercial use (yet). Please email me at if you have a commercial use for this API and wish to discuss more. Please note that rate limiting and/or charge per use may apply (for commercial use) in the future.


Feel free to be creative with this API! Some ideas for applications to create are:

Example Applications

If you've written an appliation using this API and would like it listed here, please email me at



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